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2017 EDITION Climate Kic PhD Summer School on Urban Transitions: Reshaping Urban Districts Amsterdam and Bologna from 16th to 29th July 2017

The main goal of the summer school is to provide concrete cases to turn research into practice for effectively supporting urban transition processes . Two case studies in Amsterdam and Bologna challenged multi-disciplinary participants to shape the urban landscape and its community.

In the neighborhood Overtoomse Veld, situated in the West of Amsterdam, housing corporation De Key is facing the energy retrofitting of several housing complexes dating back to the 60s, lacking in maintenance and having an average energy label marked “E”.

The challenge is to develop a strategy for the implementation of energy conservation measures like wall insulation, mechanical ventilation and double glazing, to contribute to a better energy label (in this case from E to B) of the building. However, behavioural implications are key elements both to achieve the results and to convince end users to effectively cooperate.

The Sant’Orsola District in Bologna represents a very specialized site close to the city center of Bologna that hosts the city hospital and key medical facilities according to a consolidated concept of the past where a number of hospital pavilions were aggregated in a wide green area within the city. On the one hand, this makes the site and the services directly accessible from the historic city by the several user categories visiting it every day. On the other hand, its specialized functions limit the use of outdoor spaces and reduce the possibility of integration with the surroundings. Sant’Orsola district is facing an ambitious renovation process aimed at strongly reducing energy demand and emissions while increasing the quality of services and working/living conditions for both users and staff. The challenges for this case are to define innovative retrofitting methodologies, connect the site and the surroundings providing additional services, develop solutions for considering end users’ behavioral implications in the process, define new arrangements for outdoor spaces while considering the business side and feasibility of solutions.


UNIBO - Department of Architecture - scientific committee Andrea Boeri, Ernesto Antonini, Jacopo Gaspari , Danila Longo, Valentina Orioli, Annalisa Trentin.

Coordinators Jacopo Gaspari, Martine Van Veelen

Thematic Coaches Valentina Gianfrate,

Logistic and support Saveria Boulanger, Viviana Lorenzo, Gareth Wakeling

Climate Kic Paola Valandro

City of Bologna Giovanni Fini, Raffaella Gueze

Urban Center Bologna Valeria Barbi

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Jacopo Gaspari

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