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The Department of Architecture – University of Bologna

Following the recent changes in the law governing Italian Universities, the University of Bologna restructured its teaching and research activities in 33 Departments: among them is the Department of Architecture. The DA benefits from the experience gained by the Faculty of Architecture “Aldo Rossi” in Cesena during the last ten years, and from the long established experience of the Institute of Architecture of the Faculty of Engineering founded in Bologna in 1935 – and headed by, amongst many, Giovanni Michelucci – and changed through time becoming the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning.

This is a young structure where the average age of the teaching staff is about forty years old, but included in a University of ancient tradition playing a prominent role on the international scenario.

The seat of the new Department is in Cesena, but teaching and research activities are carried out in three different campuses: Cesena, Bologna and Ravenna.

The activities of the campuses in the Romagna region are supported by Ser.In.Ar in Cesena and by Fondazione Flaminia in Ravenna. These institutions are governed by the different authorities competent for the territory and the “Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio” (a bank trust) of the two cities.

The main goal of the new Department is to redefine of the courses offered by the School of Engineering and Architecture, considering both the changes happened in the professional world and the complexity of the design and construction processes.

The Department offers two five-year Master Degree courses.

The first one is the Master Degree in Architecture of Cesena, which confers the title of Architect as interpreted in the traditional architectonic 20th century Italian culture. It favours international cooperation, promoting bilateral agreements with other Universities for students’ exchange and visiting professors, entrusting, for instance, the Laboratories classes of the third year to these last ones.

The second is the Master Degree in Construction Engineering and Architecture of Bologna, aiming to shape professional figures specialized in the field of planning and control of the constructive and production processes.

Besides those ones, the Department is planning to offer two additional courses: a three-year Master Degree in Design of Industrial Product that should be starting next academic year, offering a sound all round knowledge of design with special reference to the mechanical compartment, which in Bologna is significantly strong; this course is supported by large companies, whose activities are in the field of packaging, favouring the mix of academic and real-life learning.

The second additional course is the two-year Master Degree in Planning and coordination of the building process. This course is meant to shape managers in the field of Architecture and Engineering, aimed at fulfilling the requirements of both companies in this specific field and of the PA.

The Department of Architecture offers a PhD in Architecture with the support of the Romagna region public bodies who have made available funds for students’ grants. This course promotes international exchanges also building up joint ventures in international projects with other Universities.

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